This website is now moribund and will not be updated until, and if, a new webmaster comes forward. I made a request, below, but no one has come forward. It is a great shame and the site has had over 30 000 hits so some of you were reading it. There are hundreds of pages, many of the out of date have been archived, and it is obvious that it needs to be current. Are you sure you would not like to 'have a go'? I would assist the new person in any way I was able so you do not need the skills just enthusiasm and basic computer ability.



Have you ever wanted to run a website? This website is well established and structurally sound. I am looking for a superuser to assist with keeping it up to date and interesting. Could you help? If you would like to have more details please contact me, Bob Zannetti, details in 'Committee', the Book or BDCL website.


Numerically we are the second largest region of the BDC but in terms of enthusiasm, events on offer and friendliness we are peerless. Geographically the area covered is Kent, London south of the Thames, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex. In this section of the BDC website you can see that we offer details of the current committee, descriptions and comments on past eventsnews and forthcoming events. In the section of 'Committee' you will find brief details of each member of your committee including their special responsibilities, core values, cars they drive and where they live. Also in this section is the names and contact details of people who are, in general, organizers of the varied events that we hold.

'Past Events' contains reports and pictures similar to the copy in 'Review' but with a greater detail and a more current nature.

'News' should be just that!

'Forthcoming Events' is an expanded version of the copy that can be found in 'Diary'. The removal of space constriction allows the organizer of events to give a much more detailed and promotional content. 

There is a new category called 'Bentley Boys' where we feature S-E member’s cars. Do you want to be in it? Send details and pictures to your Webmaster, that is me, Bob Zannetti, details in the 'committee' section.

If you have an issue that you think should be addressed by the Committee and you would like it aired then contact me on my email address which is shown in the 'committee’ section

Note 1

You may have wondered why there is a rather tedious process whereby you have to go to the 'committee section' for addresses and contact details. I know this can be annoying when you find an event that takes your fancy in the 'forthcoming events' section. Unfortunately it is necessary to protect these details from 'software' used by list compilers. These programs scan all publically available web pages looking for, say, email addresses. These lists are sold and quite quickly the email addresses would start receiving unwanted material.