The last of the Bentley Motor Cars to be produced on a separate chassis and in its final form (S2 & S3) the first to use the V8 motor that is still in use today.

This is your webmaster's car in a typical position, at a friend's wedding. The setting is a beautiful Convent in Surrey

The Bentley 'S' Type Series III was manufactured in 1963 and is still in the original colours of Mason's Black over Shell Grey. The interior is in Cherry Red. Incidently the reference to 'Mason's Black' has nothing to do with the Masonic Movement but everything to do with the manufacturer Joseph Mason, now defunct.

She spent many years in the USA where she was refurbished with USA specification parts including the overriders that were on USA cars but had given way to the smaller overriders that appeared on Series III cars in the UK.

Another example is shown below, this time belonging to Jan Sitkowski who has a collection of S Series Cars.


Whilst this car is visually similar it is a coachbuilt car with a number of small style differences on the body and a bespoke interior.