NT 8694

This Light Tourer bodied car was one of only 39 manufactured during the period 1925 to 1926. It was made and delivered during the latter part of 1925 but was not registered until the middle part of 1926. It does make you wonder if,even in those days, Bentley cars were slow to move! There is an extensive history which is on www.vintagebentleys.org and the car is pretty well what it was then. The bodywork has been rebuilt exactly as the original and the colour has been changed from the original Black/Blue to its present Amaranth which was one of the original colours offered. During a rebuild after it had been stored during the second world war it was upgraded with a full speed engine. Curiously this was a much older engine which is basically number 54 with some parts from 82. It only retains one part from the originally fitted engine 1242. This engine was overhauled, compression ratio lifted, twin 'slopers' fitted and the flywheel radically lightened.

It has been in the hands of your webmaster for a number of years and has been fettled to its present condition and is much enjoyed.