YV 9608

1928  4½ Mulliner Saloon

In early 1928, Gaffikin Wilkinson sold chassis HF3185 to S J Wingate, of Lower Sloane Street, London, who commissioned an all weather saloon body from Mulliners. The chassis date was 10th January 1928, and the completed car was delivered, on 7th May of that year. The car, registered YV9608, was finished in dark green, it had a soft top, wind up windows and a partition between the front and rear seats.

Our Mr Wingate seems to have been a press-on type because there were numerous accident repairs carried out during the five year Guarantee period and, by 1933, the Service Sheets recorded the mileage as 70,832. Wingate kept the car for eleven years.

YV9608 then passed through several hands before David Chapman bought it for £450 in1947. In 1949 he competed in the Firle hill climb and subsequently dismantled the car to build a special, using another chassis. Chassis HF3185 was later acquired by Tom Padden, who assembled a complete car, still registered YV9608, and built a Le Mans Replica body for it.

When I acquired the car in 1997, it was painted black, and the body was in a distressed state so, in 1998, I took it to James Pearce, who repaired and re-covered the body frame before painting the car and trimming it out in green. A new hood and frame were also made. That year, YV9608 was awarded a “Highly Commended” rosette at the BDC Broughton Castle Concours.

Since then, Elmdown have rebuilt the engine, fitting a new block, and new rods and pistons to the Phoenix crank. The cross shaft gears, valves etc, were all replaced, an overdrive was fitted and the differential rebuilt with a 3.3:1 c&p. I have added about another 30,000 to the total mileage.



The accompanying photos are:-

1. YV9608 with its original body, taken in 1947

2. After the NDC concours

3. The engine being rebuilt at Elmdown

4. Filming for Midsomer Murders (Death in the slow lane)

5. A sunflower picture used on the front cover of BDC Review number 241











Distressed body permitting, I hope to keep driving the car for many years to come.

Chris Card