Summer Luncheon at the Card’s

24 July 2016



2011                                                           2016                                                                

Once again the Card’s Summer Luncheon was blessed with, as normal, good weather and, on the surface, seemed very familiar.  Appearances, however, were slightly misleading as there were a number of new members and the car park was an ever evolving spectacle. I have shown a picture from 2011 and the current 2016, taken at, more or less; the same spot of Chris and Liz’s super garden. I have said this before but the aging profile of members with the oldest cars means that they are seen less and less. The newer members tend to have the newer cars and if the club is to successfully continue these members must be embraced and encouraged.

Indeed these new members were sprayed around with some of the regulars but , not unusually, clustered under a tree for shade from the sun. The whole effect of the day is ethereal and whilst the format for the last couple of years has been to bring a picnic Liz comes up with some stupendous sweets and Chris similarly delights with drinks.

It is always a sad moment when we wend our way home bolstered by the hope that there will be a next year. Many thanks to Chris and Liz and to Roy who organised the day but, as always, failed to enforce the 36 maximum attendance. This number is dictated by the number of chairs in the house if we needed to come in from the rain. In the ten years of running of the event it has not happened yet!