BDC South East Christmas Party

14 December 2016

Copthorne Hotel - Horley

The three Muses (AKA Norma Allen, Jennifer Greenlees and Amanda Melolotte)


The South East Region’s Christmas party, held at the Copthorne Hotel was a gas. Technically it was a black tie affair but the shear ingenuity of our members put an inspired take on formal attire! We are jolly lucky to have such an amiable bunch of members who can turn anything into a good time and in the sophisticated atmosphere of this excellent hotel it becomes top drawer. The hotel had turned our function room into an ethereal cloud of chiffon and light. It was equipped with its own well-staffed bar and there was adequate room on a large table for the cornucopia of prizes for the raffle. Where the time went is anyone’s guess but it seemed to pass in a flash – all too quickly!

Allan Hills has the correct procedure (Port goes to the left!) as he hands it to Jan Hills

There is no need for an excessive discourse as the pictures say it all! It was all jolly good fun and if this is a harbinger of how events in 2017 are shaping up we are in for a bumper year. Happy New Year to you all.

Is that not sweet? Christopher and Alison Anderson


It is not hard to imagine why David Rolfe looks so happy!

John and Diana Davy

When Jack Henley arrived he was not looking this happy but as can be seen he was soon to be his ebullient self

Sarah is serene whilst Adrian contemplates his pint!

Duncan and Lorraine Preston