BDC at Combat Stress - 2017

As I know many of you are aware, we visit Combat Stress at Leatherhead up to a dozen times a year. We do this as part of the treatment for Military Personnel who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We spend one to two hours with them, kicking tyres , showing our cars and chatting about cars in general. Apparently this fits in with the programme of treatment they are receiving and the change from the time we meet to the time they go is often quite remarkable. Round the other way, we are changed by the stories they have to tell. It is, however kept as light as possible we have a number of laughs on the way!

The onset of PTSD comes, usually, long after they have left the services, typically after 5 to 8 years. I was particularly moved by the story of a lady who was a front line nurse in the RAF. She told me that she had served in Afghanistan in a medical rescue helicopter. Their team would fly into an active battle zone to pull out the injured. They were often in a bad way and it was her job to try and stabilize them sufficiently to get them back, still alive, to the field hospital. All of this was completed whilst they were taking enemy fire, the Afghans are no respecters of any neutrality of medical practices. The ordeal sounded truly horrific. At the end of her term she returned to the UK and became the Headmistress of a school. The ailment hit after a number of years and virtually overnight went from a coping person to a highly distressed person. This is the critical period when many of them 'go off the rails'. If they are lucky their GP recognises the symptoms quickly and they come to Tywhitt House to one of these courses. It really is part of the help we can give to keep things on a light level, after all there is nothing particularly important about a Bentley, so as mentioned above we have fun which they seem to greatly enjoy.

At the March 2017 meeting Guy and Roy handed over our cheque, agreed at our recent AGM, as a charitable donation to Combat Stress. This gesture was greatly appreciated by them.

The cheque is handed over to Olivia

Usually about 4 or 5 of attend and Guy Talbot has a pool of up to 10 to find the number. If however you are reading this and feel that you would like to help, please contact Guy. His contact detail are in the 'Committee' section.

Yes, Steve, they are two very nice Bentley motor cars!