The 'Bentley Boy's London Supper Club at the Garrick.


Tuesday the 14th of March saw the 'First Night', indeed the only night, of the long awaited London production of 'The Bentley Boy's London Supper Club at the world famous Garrick Club in the heart of the West End. 


The curtain rose on the opening scene of the Reception in the 'Reading Room', a description which does not do justice to the amazing art collection that hangs both here and throughput  this historic club founded in 1813 for the patronage of the world of drama, to reveal the entire cast of some fifty members  of the Bentley Drivers Club and their guests eagerly awaiting the arrival of the star of the evening Lord Steel of Aikwood KT KBE PC.


Lord Steel, who had come straight from a meeting at the House of Lords, soon joined the throng and all to soon it was time for the entire ensemble to move into the Dinning Room for an excellent supper, including a souffle to die for, where he spoke of all the cars both classic and not quite  that had crossed his path, including all the humorous problems, which resonated with all present. We are most grateful to Lord Steel for both his talk and for his presence.


During supper the Loyal toast and that to W.O Bentley were honoured and very soon it was time for the curtain to come down on this most successful first production of the 'Bentley Boy's' London Supper Club for the 2017 season which will be followed by that on board  the HQS Wellington on June the 20th and the Royal Air Force Club on the 20th of September.


A most gratifying fact emerged that over three quarters of the Members present were not from the host South East Region. Most gratifying indeed.


Finally, Sir Anthony Jollffee, BDC Member and Garrick Club Member, was thanked for both suggesting and facilitating our splendid evening at this most historic venue.  


Harry Waddingham