SE BDC Pepperbox Lunch

7 JUly 2016




List of Attendees 

Humfrey              2

Sinclair                4

Warner                2

Jeffers                 4

Barker                 4

Leach                  2  (non-Members but were in the recent past)

Reeves                2

Evans                  4

Dunn                   1

Parkinson             2

Chittenden           2

Hughes                2

Chapman             2

Alexander            1


 Total                  34

What a difference dry weather and a bit of sunshine makes. 
So it was, when Members with a variety of Bentleys ascended the steepish
Downs and narrow lanes to reach the lovely old Pepperbox Inn,
near Harrietsham in Kent.
A cross section of models parked in the field car park with its great views
over the Kent countryside; ranging from a covey of impressive WO 4½,
two Derbys, two beautiful coach built MkVIs (both very rare - one being
by Abbott and the other by H J Mulliners),an immaculate R type
Continental and some more modern Crewe cars. Altogether 31 people sat down to an excellent pub lunch when the chat
was all about Bentleys, motoring and other sensible things, and not the
result of That Referendum.