Parham House - 7 May 2017

Parham House and Gardens were visited on the 7th May by 18 cars from BDC SE Region carrying 38 participants. Present  was a glorious  Speed Six, equally glorious Blower 4½, an unusual  Franay bodied Mk VI, as well as a gaggle of  S Types, Continental GT's , Mulsannes, Arnages ,T types and two very handsome  R Types. Harwoods kindly sent a Bentayga that stirred interest!

New members   Sean Martin and his partner were welcomed.

Despite the chill in the wind, merry picnics were eaten on the lawn accompanied by Pimms No 1 and Montepulciano.


Guy and Lynn Talbot, Christine and Stuart Jeffers, Melodie and Harry Waddingham who was clearly enjoying his libation.





Adrian and Sarah’s 6 ½ with Terry and Wendy Taylor’s Blower 4½, Geoff Stevens seems deep in conversation with the Supercharger or perhaps the SU’s.




Sean and Edward Martin, Rita,  Sylvia and John Seymour. Terry and Wendy Taylor