S E Pepperbox Garden Lunch

13 July 2018


After a slightly overcast start to the day, the sun came out attracting 32 Members and guests to this lovely pub in the heart of the Kent countryside - there should have been 40 but . . .


Geoffrey Granter’s Derby Hooper 


 Graham & Sue Whibley’s 4.2 E-Type



As will be seen from the listing below, a nice selection of cars to look at and enjoy although two were identical twins. As can be seen, we were joined by guests Graham and Sue with their immaculate 4.2 E-Type which was much admired whilst Geoffrey and Lesley had a good excuse not to bring their Bentley, but the Morgan was an acceptable substitute. Also seen was a Porsche, the transport of the Seymours.




Car park front row - Albertini MkVI, Hughes Mulsanne, Jeffers Mulsanne, Humfrey 4½, Alexander Turbo RT (SWB)



David Humfrey’s 1928 4½

With the weather being very kind, the view across the valley was very clear thus enhancing the day. Arriving at noon, soon all were enjoying the company of fellow Members, good beer, and excellent food. All too soon, or so it appeared after three hours, it was time to leave hoping that next year would be equally good and enjoyable


from left - Margaret Chapman, Peter & Vanessa Albertini and John Chapman 


 from left - David Humfrey, Ted Parkinson, Jacky and Peter Leech and Rosemary Parkinson.


Those present included Stuart & Christine Jeffers, Mulsanne; Brian Hughes, Mulsanne; David & Gill Humfrey, 4½; Guy & Lynne Talbot, Cont GT; Peter & Vanessa Albertini, MkVI Mulliner; John & Margaret Chapman, Derby 4¼; Geoffrey & Lesley Stevens, Morgan; Geoffrey Granter, Derby Hooper; Graham & Sue Whibley (Guests), 4.2 E-Type; Richard Alexander, Turbo RT (SWB) and the following in “other” cars - Julian & Rita Seymour, Graham & Bunny Chittenden, Ted & Rosemary Parkinson, Mike & Kathy Warner and Peter & Jacky Leech (Guests).



Photographs from Richard Alexander & Mike Warner with words from Richard.