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S E Region 2019 Calendar

Tuesday 1 January            Brooklands Museum (VSCC)                                Julian Grimwade

Tuesday 15 January          Committee Meeting

Sunday 20 January            Curry Luncheon - Jai Ho                                     Guy Talbot

Sunday 17 February          S E AGM - Copthorne Hotel                                 Harry Waddingham

Wednesday 13 March        Surrey Pub Lunch - new venue                            Colin Lightman

Thursday 21 March           “Bentley Boys” London Supper Club                      Harry Waddingham
                                           - The Garrick                                              / Roger Hood

Tuesday 16 April               Committee Meeting

Sunday 21 April                RAC Club Luncheon                                           Alan Hills

Saturday 27 April              Main Club AGM, Club House, Wroxton

Wednesday 8 May             Jack Henley Collection                                       Peter Waller

Sunday 12 May                 Leonardslee Gardens                                         Julian Seymour

Thursday 16 May              Sussex Pub Lunch, The Peacock, Piltdown                 Colin Lightman

Sunday 19 May                 Polo at Smith’s Lawn                                         Peter Edbrooke

Wednesday 12 June          East Sussex Pub Lunch                                      Peter Wilson

Tuesday 11 June              Committee Meeting

Thursday 20 June             “Bentley Boys” London Supper Club                      Harry Waddingham
                                          - Honourable Artillery Club                             / Roger Hood

Sunday 23 June                Horsted Place Lunch -                                        Arthur Kay

Thursday 11 July              Kent Pub Lunch - Pepperbox Inn                          Richard Alexander

Sunday 14 July                 Lunch at the Leander Club                                  Alan Hills

Saturday 3 August TBC      Silverstone Meeting                                           Wroxton

Wednesday 14 August       W Sussex Pub Lunch - Bolney Stage                     Colin Lightman

Tuesday 20 August           Committee Meeting

Sunday 1 September         Dunkirk Veterans                                              Julian Seymour

Sunday 8 September         Club Concours - Blenheim Palace

Thursday 12 September     Surrey Pub Lunch                                              Colin Lightman

Saturday 21 September      Centenary Ball                                                  The Committee

Tuesday 8 October            Committee Meeting

Sunday 3 November          London to Brighton Veteran Car Rally                    Harry Waddingham

Wednesday 20 Nov           Kent Pub Lunch - Henry VIII                               Colin Lightman

Wednesday 11 Dec TBC     Christmas Party                                                Julian Seymour